Monday, January 6, 2014

Namaste to "Incredible India"

To my right, the blood-orange red sky welcomes our fragmented group of Ivey Executive MBAs to India. We're descending and will soon set foot into a world entirely different than the one we left in Munich 7 short hours ago. 

The road to get here was a little long. Like Southern Ontario hasn't had enough winter weather, Mother Nature dumped another helping of snow down on us right when we were arriving to Pearson airport to depart. Two hours after our scheduled departure, we were still sitting on the tarmac waiting to be de-iced. By the time we made Frankfurt, we'd missed our connection by an hour and were re-routed thru Munich to Delhi. 

All in all, we are only going to lose about 6 hours. Hopefully after some sleep on the plane, we'll be at least bushy-tailed to check out Delhi with our tour group. The New Delhi city tour kicks off two weeks of experiencing the most incredible country in the world thru the lens of business, government, and non-profit stakeholders. From Delhi, we'll move onto Mumbai, then a side-trip to Pune where we'll visit John Deere, before we return back to Mumbai and then Bangalore, India's IT "hub". 

In Bangalore, a small group including myself, will be meeting with the Dream School Foundation at one of their learning centres where they work with underserved youth, to advance their literacy, numeracy and soft skills. Coming at the end of the trip, it will be rewarding to see the great work people are doing to try to lift India's majority population from poverty, something we will certainly see much of. 

I'll strive to post a few times while we're here, in addition to tweeting whenever we have wi-fi. Talk soon! 

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