Friday, August 23, 2013

We're Starting a Movement - Feeding a Hungry Planet

On Monday evening, we learned how to start a movement courtesy of Derek Silvers' TED talk. It's really quite simple. You need one crazy nut with the courage to dance alone (idea) and someone brave enough to follow.

Who the nut is actually does not matter. You have the beginning of a movement when you have a follower. While it remains to be seen today what big idea will come out of this week's summit, it's clear after our breakout discussions, the ingredients for a movement are here and plenty.

The level of engagement, insight and stretch among these youth is nothing short of inspiring. There is evidence everywhere of learning and willingness to challenge the status quo and try something different. No individual, idea or norm is safe and that's ok. Complacency is our nemesis. So, stay tuned and be prepared to follow and join our movement.

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