Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Savvy Farmgirl... finally

Well, I'm here.

It took some time. 2 years, 6 months + handful of days of blogging and tweeting, before I entered the ag social media circle. Officially. I was always kind of there, since it's hard to not follow your passions. Now, I'm present and accounted for, I guess you could say.

Before now, if you didn't know me, I was Savvy Homegirl. Attempting to blog on my experiences as a single, female homeowner. It was a reasonable attempt. I would give it a C+. When I started, I had big dreams of becoming as famous as Young House Love. Unfortunately, I forgot to take into account my full-time job (complete with regular travel), 3+ hours of volunteering per week and regular weekend visits to friends and family. As of late, I found myself with little to blog about and even less time to do it. I felt I was doing an injustice to Savvy Homegirl. There were no home improvements to tell of, because there was no time to do improvements to start with.

I had long thought about how I would participate in social media in ag. When I started blogging, John Deere didn't even have a Facebook page. I don't know if we would have known how to use it if we did. That's my opinion anyway, since I work there. A lot has changed since then. We not only have Facebook, but we use YouTube on a regular basis and are incorporating SM into nearly every campaign in some fashion.

Participating in a Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA) webinar a few weeks ago, I was finally pushed over the edge. Realagriculture.com blogger, Shaun Haney was sharing some insights on SM use by Canadian farmers, and I couldn't wait anymore. My life and my passions are all centered around agriculture. My day-to-day work at John Deere sometimes provides enough post-worthy content on its own, so it was time for Savvy Homegirl to become Savvy Farmgirl.

Do I have high hopes this time? 

Not really. But, I do have a story to tell. Hopefully, you'll decide it's worth listening to.

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